Tornado 6000 Super Turbo Hair Dryer Professional Tecnoelectra T6000 Tornado 6000 Super Turbo Hair Dryer


You can now dry your hair in the fastest time by buying the best types of hair dryer from Dall Barber from the best international brands. We have a hair dryer from the Italian Tecnoelectra brand.

Buy the best hair dryer brand from Tecnoelectra at the best price in Saudi Arabia. This powerful dryer directs the flow of air into your hair strands, giving you fast and amazing styling results. Ask for the best hair dryer prices from the site.


Enjoy a beautiful and smooth hair look with the Tornado Super Turbo Hair Dryer, a fast hair drying device, lightweight and easy to use, where you can control the temperature, a suitable choice for professional results that you can do at home.

product specification:

  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Input Voltage: 2000W
  • Model Number: T6000
  • Brand: Tecnoelectra
  • Type: hair dryer
  • red color
Weight 1 kg