The instant solution for thinning hair and baldness, The quick and effective solution to an elegant, attractive and voluminous look for men and women of all ages, without any effort or time.

Toppik spreads its micro-fibers over the scalp, filling in all areas of thinning hair completely devoid of head hair to make your hair appear instantly thicker, It cannot be distinguished after applying it to the original hair, even from close proximity.

Toppik Fiber contains organic keratin protein, the same protein that human hair is made of.
Toppik is characterized by its resistance to air, rain and moisture. It does not go away as a result of sweating due to the heat of the air or doing exercise or swimming, It does not stick to the hands or the comb while combing the hair because it is not greasy or sticky.
Toppik can only be removed by regular shampoo. It can be used safely alongside other hair products.

Product Features:
• Safe on the scalp for men and women.
• Easy and fast to use.
• Resistant to water and sweat.
• Easy to clean, It is removed with regular shampoo.
• It is indistinguishable after being applied to the hair.

Weight 0.100 kg