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Self-Cut Led System | LED Self Shaving Mirror

LED Self-Mirror Sky Lights It’s time to be your best friend. Be your own barber with the original 3-Way Auto-Cut Mirror with LED Lights.

Stay confident and fresh with everything from fades to kaiser cuts to light up your point. Get a chrome plated 3-way mirror with LED lights for better visibility. This 360° mirror will give you the view you need to get the cut and angle you want


the details
  • 100% chrome-plated mirror glass
    Weight 5.2 lbs
    Size/Dimensions: 9.5 x 14 inches per panel
    Retail Box Dimensions 16x11x3
    2 adjustable holders
  • with lighting

Comfortable and Adjustable Waterproof Salon Shaving Vest – Green

Barber Cape for barbershop . Barber Cape for barbershop

WAHL Beret Black Stealth Trimmer


Weight 2.5 kg
Self-Cut Led System | LED Self Shaving Mirror


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