There are many hairstyles that take feelings and attract the eye, And today we are going to provide afro hairdressing gloves.

After the various fashions and hairstyles, The fashion for hair braids was confined to African countries, Then she found her way into the world of fashion, Where we have seen many stars and fashion bloggers adorn it because of its unique and out of the ordinary style.

The African hairstyle no longer requires straightening the hair. Rather, it can be mastered as lifting it and adding some aesthetic touches to it.

This tool works best on slightly damp hair.

Apply twist-and-lock gel or regular styling gel to your slightly damp hair.

You can also apply some styling products to the sponge.

Use the sponge and go in a circular motion on your head, Do not press too hard on the hair, It only rotates in one direction.

Product size: 5cm x 14.3cm

Weight 0.100 kg