The World’s No. 1 Brand of Root Concealer, Perfectly covers gray hair. It is suitable for people who use permanent or semi-permanent hair dye.

Can be matched with your hair color, Even with salon dye color, For a natural finish.

This 75ml Magic Retouch Concealer is easy to carry in your handbag.

This sprayer is perfect for those who need a quick fix between at-home color, salon appointments, or the sudden appearance of gray hair.

The precision applicator targets gray hair and the temporary, lightweight formula seamlessly matches your hair colour.
Product lasts until shampooed and only a small amount is required.

Product Features:
• Magic Retouch Spray is an instant and easy solution to cover the roots of your hair in 3 seconds at any time.
• Lasts until shampooed.
• Lightweight and ammonia-free formula.
• Perfect for adding touch-ups to the roots on a daily basis.
• Each pack is enough for 30 uses.

Weight 0.100 kg