Masterfully conceal gray hairs with L’Oreal Paris Instant Magic Retouch Root Concealer.

Designed with a unique formula that conceals gray roots by blending with your hair color perfectly.

This L’Oreal Root Concealer provides long-lasting results. Its rich formula ensures the health of your hair. It does not contain any toxic substances harmful to the hair. Thus, it maintains the health of your hair.

This L’Oreal Paris Root Color Concealer blends easily with hair colour, which enhances its appearance, It comes with easy to use methods that allow you to use it comfortably at home. You can expect lasting results thanks to the unique combination of its ingredients.

Just one spray of this concealer and it instantly detects and conceals gray roots. So preparing your pattern doesn’t take long anymore.

This formula does not reflect any unnatural appearance, The rich color pigments of the root concealer blend perfectly with your hair.

Product Features:
• Magic Retouch Spray is an instant and easy solution to cover the roots of your hair in 3 seconds at any time.
• Lasts until shampooed.
• Lightweight and ammonia-free formula.
• This concealer will not fade from your hair and is ideal for adding touches to the roots on a daily basis.
• Each pack is enough for 30 uses.

Weight 0.100 kg