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Giovanni Direct Leave In Lightweight Hydrating Conditioner restores strength and shine to suffering-prone hair while detangling for easy combing and styling.
Giovanni was the first full-scale brand inspired by beauty salons in natural products stores. Today it is the #1 selling hair care product in the US natural products industry.

Product Features:
• Moisturizing hair care: Direct Leave In Conditioner Lightweight Conditioner restores strength and shine to damaged, brittle hair while detangling hair for easy combing and styling.
• Deep care: Giovanni Direct Leave In Light Moisturizing Conditioner uses a rich blend that protects hair all day long, This creates a thicker texture and has more volume when styled – without the weight. By moisturizing each strand individually, The hairstyle turns straight into a beautiful hairstyle.
Color Safe Detergent: Giovanni Direct Leave In Moisturizing Conditioner is 100% color safe. It cleanses and nourishes hair with vitamins and antioxidants without removing color.
• Vegan and cruelty-free: Giovanni’s products use a number of organic ingredients and are Leaping Brown certified, proving that no animals are cruelly treated. This means that Giovanni products are never tested on animals.
• Free from sulfates and parabens: Giovanni’s products do not contain any sulfates, parabens or any other harmful chemicals commonly used in hair products, giving you strong, beautiful hair.

How to use:
Apply Giovanni Leave-in Leave-In Conditioner to shampooed hair, towel dry and comb through to distribute evenly.
don’t rinse it off, Air dry it or blow dry it.
For best results, Mix with other hair care products in the Eco Chic hair care range.

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Giovanni Eco Shake Direct Leave-in Conditioner Conditioner 250 ml