Waal Bead Combs – Hair Shaving Grading Combs

These plastic combs made by Wahl of America are the best haircut grading combs chosen by hairdressing and barber experts locally and internationally.

These combs are distinguished by attractive and comfortable colors for the eye, different from the color of the hair, so that all the small hairs appear during the shaving process and hair grading, which gives high efficiency and accuracy during shaving, and the convenience of the customer in obtaining an attractive and elegant appearance.

In D. Barber | DalBarber is the authorized distributor of the American company WAHL, which specializes in the manufacture of the best tools and shavers in the world. We provide you with everything related to shaving, including machines, combs and machine heads. And here you can get combs and walnuts

a description:
Type: hair cutting combs
Subject: plastic
the color: multi-colors
the size: 3/6/10/13/16/19/22/25 mm
Safe and precise cutting for any type of hair.
Suitable for hair clippers and hair clippers.
For barbers and hairdressers, etc.


Weight 0.100 kg

10mm comb, 13mm comb, 16mm comb, 19 mm comb, 22mm comb, 25 mm comb, 3 mm comb, 6mm comb