Because, barbers, hairdressers, They need perfect vision when doing detailed work, precision trimming, hair design, tattoo on hair, fine cuts, SKELETONFX is proudly brought to you by BaBylissPRO®

SKELETONFX is a professional trimmer and primer that has been specially developed with absolute precision in mind.
You may have noticed at times that with a traditional razor, The housing may obscure your line of sight where you are cutting.
SKELETONFX features a 360° exposed T-blade that will give you a full view, Regardless of the position of the trimmer.
Another benefit of the bare blade is that it runs cooler because there is no housing to trap heat.
and finally, but not least, The bare blade allows you to remove the zero gap of your tool without removing the blade.

In addition to its elegant design, The machine is perfectly balanced to provide superior ergonomics and remarkable power.
This heavy-duty professional trimmer is supplied with a 40mm zero-aperture adjustable DLC / Titanium T blade and an EDM TECHNOLOGY* motor designed by FERRARI to provide outstanding cutting performance and precise control.
The lithium-ion battery provides an ultra-fast charging time and an amazing 2 hour cordless runtime!

SkeletonFX: High Quality 360 Degree Exposed T Blade:
Precision-engineered 40mm DLC/titanium T blade with zero-gap adjustment.
Ideal for precision trimming, neck contouring, beard contouring, as well as contouring around the ears, hair styling and hair tattooing.
Perfect for fine lines and creative design.
360-degree exposure for optimal viewing no matter where you hold the trimmer.

Features a specially designed tuning tool to create a zero gap in the blade without having to remove it. SkeletonFX: Powerful:
The high-torque, long-life electronic digital motor provides high performance for clean, precise cutting.
Technological advances allow electronically controlled digital actuators to be lighter, It has very low vibration. and consume less energy, It has a longer life and produces less noise pollution.
High power cord or wireless control.
Perfect for all hair types.

100% professional:
Sturdy all-metal housing design ergonomically designed for total professional reliability and uncompromising safety. A 3-hour quick charge and 2-hour battery runtime give you maximum flexibility, time-saving and efficiency. Global Effort allows you to travel around the world using your outside line.

SKELETONFX body is scientifically balanced to provide superior ergonomics. Features a non-slip knurled grip for comfort and support. This high-tech device is lightweight and silent.

• Zero Gap 40mm DLC / Titanium Exposed T-Blade
• 7200 blade movements per minute
• Charging time 3 hours
• 2 hours running time
• LED charging indicator light:
• Red LED flashes – charging
• Red LED – fully charged
• LED flashes red – 10 minutes of battery left
• Zero gap adjustment tools
• Cleaning brush and lubricating oil
• Hanging hook

Weight 0.500 kg